Here download link Mito 887 PC Suite for Windows .You can download this USB Driver for your device(Mito 887). You can using this software Mito 887 to syncronize your data , photo, album, ets. I have been succesfully download and installed this Mito 887 Sync on Windows XP. If you also can successfully installed Mito 887 driver on Windows Vista or Xp, if you cant downloading this please to report me.

How to download and install Moto 887 Pc suite USB Driver.

  1. In the first, you must looking chipset models in use: Connect your phone to a computer that has Windows XP installed, the computer will display "New hardware found", Then the phone screen will appear miraculous option, select "Mass storage" (typically to transfer data from phone to computer or vice versa) or "COM port" (to make your phone as a modem internet), then the computer will display the type of chipset is used, eg, MT6235)
  2. When you see your type of chipset above, you must Download USB chipset drivers Mito 887 according to your chipset phone, also make sure that USB Webcam Driver Driver is installed correctly, on your PC. extract the download if the form of a ZIP or RAR file, can use Winzip or Winrar to estract. Install into your computer, if it still exists after Mandarin display, then you need to convert it to display English Version
  3. Choose the program that suits PhoneSuite your mobile phone chipset, download and then install into the computer.
  4. Connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable, the phone will appear three options "USB connection", "Webcam" and "COM port". choose "COM port".
  5. Run the application PhoneSuite, PhoneSuite will try to establish a connection between cell phones and computers, syncronisation PC can be operated after a successful connection
  6. If the connection does not work, please choose the appropriate com port to "USB Modem Driver (COMX)" on the hardware management (Windows XP) and try again.
USB & Modem Driver for Mito 887

Chipset MT6218
USB Driver & Modem : Mirror Site : Download
Chipset MT6225
USB Driver & Modem : Mirror Site :Download
Chipset MT6226
USB Driver & Modem  :  Mirror Site : Download
Chipset MT6227
USB Driver & Modem :  Mirror Site : Download
Chipset MT6229
USB Driver & Modem : Mirror Site : Download
Chipset MT6235
USB Driver & Modem :  Mirror Site : Download
for Window 7  plug & Play,

PC suite software ( PC synchronization ) for Mito 887

New !Phonesuite V6.0.10 ( for MT6235 – MT6225 chipset,) –
Download – Recommended !

Mirror site : Download
Phonesuite V2.0742 (for MT62XX chipset)

PhoneSuite V2.4.13 (for MT62XX chipset)

Mirror Site : Download
for Window 7/Vista are plug & Play, not need a driver above again

Download PC Suite to suit your needs, we provide a version of 1:03 to 6:01 with a free version, you can download the driver menu, 6:01 version of the final version that we provide on the website mito, there is also a PC-Sync manager build 7, another version of PC suite.

How to Connecting HTC to a Computer

Are you have new HTC Phone?Whenever you connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable, the Connect to PC screen displays and prompts you to choose the type of USB connection:
Select this mode when you need to do the following:
Sync Outlook email messages, contacts, calendar appointments, files, and other data between your phone and your computer. Have read and write access to the whole phone. 
Disk Drive
This mode is available for selection only when you installed a microSD card on your phone. Select this mode when you want to use your storage card as a USB thumb drive, and copy files between your phone’s storage card and your computer faster.
When Disk Drive mode is enabled while your phone is connected to the computer:
You will not be able to use your phone to access files from the storage card or run applications that are installed on the storage card.
Your computer will only connect to the phone’s storage card. When you access your phone from the computer, you will only see the contents of the phone’s storage card.
Internet Sharing
When you do not have Internet access on your computer, you can select this mode to use your phone as a modem for your computer. For more information about using Internet Sharing, see “Using Your Phone as a Modem (Internet Sharing)” in Chapter 9.