News and Price of Xiaomi Mobile In Indonesia

 As one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones today, Xiaomi continue to present their latest innovations and variants on the latest products released to market. Start of variants Xiaomi Mi redmi and for the middle class since 2014, especially in Indonesia.

Xiaomi redmi 3 and redmi Note 3 which offered affordable is the latest variant is predicted to be the most sought after smartphones later into early 2016. Comes with the specification and the display shows the flagship smartphones, Xiaomi redmi Note 3 is priced in the range of USD 2 million.

And entering mid-2016, back Xiaomi presents the latest variant which is an upgraded version of redmi 3. There are several advantages offered Xiaomi redmi 3 Pro priced in the range of 1.8 to 19 million in Indonesia.

Do the same with redmi 3 Pro? In the product right, this is a model / the same goods with redmi 3 Pro, which has been sold in the market, especially online with guaranteed warranty store / distributor.

The difference, besides indeed different warranty guarantee, which is of course better to official warranty, models redmi 3 Prime deactivated its LTE 4G capabilities. So redmi 3 Prime only supports 3G / HSDPA network. That is because the rules of DCL for 4G mobile products, where Xiaomi can not meet what is required.

However, variant warranty store / distributor, we’ve tried 4G-enabled features. Other features of the same, no difference.

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