Here is tutorial to get new update software of Nokia C1-01 with Nokia software on Windows 7,Vista and XP (32-64 Bit). Nokia Suite regularly given for updates software available both to Nokia C1-01 software and to Nokia Suite it self. You also get recommendations for installing useful new mobile applications. This way, you can get the latest smartphone software on the market for your Nokia C1-01 phone with the help of Nokia Suite. You can check a software your Nokia C1-01 that may be available with this way :

  1. Open Nokia Suite.
  2. Select Tools > Software updates.
    Nokia Suite shows you the details of the available updates.

To updates software your Nokia C1-01, your computer needs to have an active internet connection. It downloads updates automatically whenever it finds them so that all you have to do is start installing. But you must back up your data your Nokia C1-01 to prevent if the update process being faliure.Before you update your your Nokia C1-01 phone software you must protect your personal content to keep you lossing any files, information or personalised settings by taking a few simple steps before you update your Nokia C1-01 software.

Take these steps before you update your Nokia C1-01 software:

  1. Back up your Nokia C1-01 data. Nokia Suite creates a quick backup as a part of the update process. If you want to do a full backup before the update, you can do it by selecting Tools > Backup. For more information, see Back up and restore .
  2. Make sure your Nokia C1-01 phone’s battery is fully charged and that you have a SIM card in the phone. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. If your phone asks you which USB mode you want to use to connect with, select Nokia Suite (Nokia Ovi Suite or PC Suite).
  3. If your phone’s memory card is encrypted, decrypt it. If you do not decrypt the memory card you won’t be able to access it after updating your phone software. Check your Nokia C1-01 phone’s user manual for instructions on how to encrypt and decrypt memory cards.

Get software updates for your your Nokia C1-01 phone

With updates to your Nokia C1-01 software and mobile applications, you can. Updating the software may also improve the performance , get new features and enhanced functions for Nokia C1-01 phone . Nokia Suite takes you through the process of updating your phone software step by step.

  1. To update your Nokia C1-01 software, select Tools > Software updates.
    If there are updates available for your phone, you can see them here.
  2. Select the updates you want and click Install to start installing. During the installation, Nokia Suite takes you through the following steps:
    1. Get started
    2. Install
    3. Finish

You can’t cancel the installation once it begins, so make sure you have taken all the steps in

Remember do not disconnect your Nokia C1-01 phone until the installation is completely finished. Doing so might cause damage to your phone or result in its contents being lost.

Update Nokia Suite

Nokia suite also update itselft to get more performance. Download and install the latest version of Nokia Suite quickly and easily.

  1. To check for newer versions, go to Tools > Software updates.
    In the Software updates window, you can see all available updates both for Nokia Suite and for your phone software.
  2. If an update is available for Nokia Suite, click Install to upgrade to the latest version.
  3. When updating is complete, Nokia Suite restarts.

Get more applications on Nokia C1-01

With Nokia Suite you can install mobile applications provided by Nokia as well as applications created by third-party service providers.

Installing Nokia apps

You can install several Nokia applications using Nokia Suite. You get a notification when new mobile applications are available for installation.

  1. When you get a notification of new or updated mobile applications for your phone, click the notification to view details on the available applications.
  2. Select the application you would like to install, and click Install.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Installing other applications

Before installing any third-party applications on Nokia C1-01 , make sure that the selected application is supported by your phone. The mobile applications that can be installed have one of the following suffixes: .sis, .sisx, .jar, .n-gage, or .wgz. How to install new Nokia Apps are follow as :

  1. Install an application by double-clicking its installation file and then follow the instructions.
  2. You can also start the installation by dragging the application to the phone icon at the bottom of the screen.

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