Download Kies Samsung C3322 Sync PC Suite USB Driver for  connecting with Computer Windows OS. This kies Software compatible to Windows and can synchronize data albums, contact, calender, photo,videos and sms your Samsung C3322 in PC. You can also install and uninstall software and manage schedule by easy and safe way. The resume, you can manage all functions and settings on your mobile device.You can manage the file in the phone from your PC. This is free download Samsung C3322 Sync PC Suite USB Driver. With this software you never ask like this, how do i connect my Samsung C3322 to my pc or how to connect Samsung C3322 to pc for internet.

How to download the Kies mirror sync exe file:

1. Find download link below and click this

2. Please download and save to pc

3. Connect your Phone to PC via Cable data

4. Open file that you save to set up the installation

5. Follow the instruction

To download Kies Driver Samsung C3322 Sync™ PC Suite to PC Windows ,please click here : Support & Service Centre



  1. SHREE

    please suggest me pc suite of samsung-3322 because, i want to know that a problem which i have encounter regularly when i connect the samsung c3322 set to pc a “NEW PC STUDIO” opens and it says “Connect Mobile Phone” and “Quick Connect” also it chooses/considers mobile in “mass storage”, even though i have choosen the samsung kies in the handaset in the PC connection settings… and two memory cards, one for phone internal memory and another external memory that is memory card inserted…
    and when i want to connect to internet from this mobile the “internet connector” will give “select the mobile phone” “unable to find any device to be used as a modem. If device is connected check the power and port” even though the mobile is detected as “SAMSUNG WMC Modem connected and ready to use”

    please help me out to tackle this problem.. for your notice i’m using “Windows XP” as OS on my Desktop with “Pentium IV processor with 2.8 GHz speed and Intel 915GAV motherboard”, installed with “New_PC_Studio_1.5.1.10095”..

    thank you….
    hope you will fix this problem…

  2. Hardik

    I already change mode in my phone with Internet but still it doesn’t work……..
    so please help me regarding it and please send me PC SUITE for METRO DUOS C3322…………………..

  3. gauri

    can anyone please tell me how to connect to internet on laptop using my samsung gt-c3322.I tried the following steps: Please let me know where i went wrong what i should do
    i got a internet pact activated on my mobile
    then used windows dial up service and tried to connect my laptop and phone
    but i am getting an error saying wrong dial problem
    I gave my internet as TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET and dial up as *99#\
    please i need it.
    Can i access internet on laptop using my phone as modem through usb cable if so can u please tel me steps

  4. Debarbata Saha

    Dear Sir,

    How to add mp3 or video file to music menu i can’t understand this, kind of information that already i install 2 gb memory card and all sorts of songs, video present there but i can’t add this to music menu, but individually i listen when i go to file menu and their choose the memory card then i play the song and i listen this song, so pls help me…. i am wait for your valuebel reply.

  5. Uma R


    open the contol panel go to modem choose the modem advance option add at Extra initilization command AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”, “TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET”

    for anyone just change the apn name
    service Apn
    tata docomo = TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
    idea = INTERNET

    hopes it work

  6. Seperatus Kamuntu

    Dear Madam/Sir
    I have the problem of connecting my GT-C3322 to my laptop window 7. I can not access information from this mobile via my computer even if I connect it with USB cable. Please let me have drivers to install in my machine
    Best regards

  7. Danz

    ‘This kies Software compatible to Windows and can synchronize data albums, contact, calender, photo,videos and SMS your Samsung C3322 in PC.’
    is it realy, we can read/show sms when we use this kies?
    may I get the PC suite? please send me.. 🙂
    Thanks a lot.

  8. jaya


    I am facing problem in connection for 3322, can u plz explain excat procedure how to connect internet to pc??

    and sholud we select samsung kies or mass storage as option ??? and also what should be selected between samsung GPRS and samsung WAP in cell phone.

    And as mentioned in the comments above we have to enter below info is it necessary to add service provider ??
    for eg : in below eg. its Tata docomo??? I am using Uninor then what should i enter as???please help…..


  9. Digma

    I am using samsung GT-C3322. How to connect internet to my pc using my mobile phone. I have already activated internet pack in my mobile phone.Plz give me reply.

  10. Siddarth

    hello, i hav the samsung kies. but hw shd i connect using bluetooth,, rather than using datacord, which i dont hav. please help me or email me dear admin.

  11. sir
    May i know if the display brokend samsung GT-3322W duos mobile ,Can we take the contacts from it?If yes how can we take it out?I Have the NPS Samsung suite installed in my pc.

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