Although casinos can provide many opportunities for entertainment, they are also prone to problem gambling, as a portion of casino patrons are addicted to the activity. Moreover, these people are a huge source of revenue for casinos, as five percent of the casino’s patrons are addicted to gambling. However, economic studies have shown that a casino’s negative impact on a community is far greater than its positive effect, as it primarily attracts players from the local area and diverts their spending away from other forms of entertainment in the area. Moreover, the economic gains of a casino are far outweighed by the cost of treatment for problem gamblers and the lost productivity due to the damage caused by addiction.

In terms of customer satisfaction, casinos focus on customer service by offering perks and discounts to encourage gamblers to spend more money. These perks are known as comps, and they can range from free slot play to discounted or free meals and drinks. Additionally, comps also serve as important marketing tools for casinos, allowing them to build patron databases and analyze trends. If you’re thinking of visiting a casino soon, check out these ways to maximize the benefits of comps.

In addition to the people in charge of security, there are also elaborate surveillance systems that allow casino employees to monitor the patrons and the games in real time. In some cases, the casinos install surveillance cameras in the ceiling and the windows to keep track of suspicious activity. These cameras record video feeds for later review. Casino security also includes computer chips inside the machines, which determine how much money a player is supposed to win. But, there’s always the chance that the person cheating may have cheated.