The American Heritage Dictionary describes a Slot as “a narrow opening used for receiving or displacing things.” The term is also used to describe a job, position, or assignment. The chief copy editor is assigned a slot in a newspaper. Aircraft slots, for example, are opened on the leading edge of the wings to improve airflow. If you have a job in an airline office, a Slot could be the job you want.

The slot is a critical component of the offensive zone. It represents an area with the best chance to score without a deflection. A low slot also allows the shooter to take wrist shots with a clear view of the net. Defending teams will typically use the slot as a no man’s land to thwart goals. Hence, it’s critical to understand the role of the Slot in the game. Here are some of the types of slot.

The Genesys Dialog Engine can identify discrete pieces of information from utterances. Each piece is assigned a Slot. The Slot type specifies what information is needed to fulfill the intent of the user. A Slot can be either one-dimensional or multidimensional. The former category is generally more flexible, while the latter is more restrictive. But there are some common slot types that are best avoided. The following table outlines how to identify and map each Slot.