In hockey, a slot is the area between the face-off circles that extends into the offensive zone. The term can also be used to describe two different locations on the ice: the low slot, which is located in front of the goaltender and between the face-off circles, and the high slot, which is located in the middle of the ice above the circles.

A slot is a narrow opening. It is often used to receive things and can also be a position or assignment within a series. For example, an airplane wing has a slot to improve air flow. The slot can be either a girl or a guy. It is a common word used to describe a young urban teenager, but can be applicable to both girls and boys.

While many older slot machines use mechanical components, the modern slot machines are operated by a computer. They look similar to the mechanical ones, but work differently. Instead of gears, they are controlled by a central computer. This means that if the machine has a low payback percentage, the casino will profit. The lower the payback percentage, the more the players will win.

Slot receivers are very versatile players. They can go straight downfield or turn inwards to catch the ball. In the NFL, slot receivers are becoming more prominent, especially players with speed. Players such as Tyreek Hill and Branden Cooks have shown the ability to stretch defenses vertically on pure speed. Slot receivers also play an important role in the catch-and-run game, running shorter routes in the route tree, such as slants or quick outs.