A slot is a small opening. It is also a keyway in machinery. Slots are commonly used to manage air traffic in a busy airport. They are also used in vending machines to slit a coin for payment.

Symbols on a modern slot machine range from stylized lucky sevens to fruits. Each symbol is assigned a different probability. These probabilities vary based on the type of slot machine and the specific symbols that are selected. For example, the odds of getting a 777 on a six-level slot are about 90% to 160%.

BigQuery’s slot recommender helps customers evaluate the performance of their slots. The estimator shows estimated slot capacity for each reservation, as well as the effect of changing the number of slots. It also shows the percentage of slots in use at any given time. This is useful for customers who need to optimize their slot capacity, as well as for on-demand billing.

BigQuery’s Slot estimator is free to download. As it uses historical performance metrics, it can help customers assess the impact of changing the number of slots. The estimator can be viewed in a graph of historical usage, as well as for a specific project.

The Slot recommender can be used to calculate the cost of a slot capacity recommendation. It can also be used to show the relative cost of increasing or reducing the number of slots.

The Slot estimator can be used for on-demand billing, as well as flat-rate billing. It can be useful for evaluating job performance, as it allows users to calculate the cost of a slot recommendation for a particular task.