The verb slot is a very common expression used in everyday speech. Despite its name, a slot is a transitive verb, meaning to place something into a lock or slot. Its meaning may be either literal or figurative. Examples of a slot in everyday speech are the terms slots, slit, and slitter. Listed below are examples of common uses of the word slot. Depending on context, a slot may refer to an empty space.

A slot is a narrow opening or hole in an airport. It is usually used to place coins into a machine. In many cases, a coin is required to dial a phone number. However, in some cases, the device is a game on its own. A slot is a convenient way to separate unrelated flights and ensure that no single flight is competing for the same space. It can also be a male or female person.

The SLOT is a very popular term. It refers to a person who is a slave to technology. They use their gadgets so much that they cannot live without them. This term is applicable to many young urban teens and can be used as a slang word for either a guy or a girl. It can even refer to a person who plays video games in his spare time. This is the opposite of the SLOT stereotype.